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Located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada the Marchtaler Group of companies has been providing solutions for the martial arts industry since 2001.

Ken Marchtaler

Ken Marchtaler has studied and taught martial arts for more than 20 years. He holds Black Belt degrees in Okinawa Shorin-Ryu Shorinkan Karate, Shorin-Ryu Shinkokai Karate, and Ryu Kyu Kobudo. He also holds a Brown Belt in Yoshinkai Aikido.   He has operated the Warrior Martial Arts studio in Victoria, Canada for 12 years.  He is a member of the Okinawa Shorin-Ryu Shorinkan Karate-Do Kyokai & Okinawa Kobudo Kokusai Rengokai of Naha, Japan, and Canadian National Martial Arts Association.

Ken believes that martial arts instruction must be applied professionally and to various age and interest levels. As a result, he supplements traditional martial arts instruction with teaching methodologies that deal with western needs.  He is the creator of a number of programs including EMPOWERED™ for Children, POW-R-GIRLS™, EMPOWERED™ for Women, Little Warriors® and 30 Minute Warrior® and the concept of Martial Wellness®.  He is part of a growing network of “Next Generation” martial arts instructors.

Ken draws his ability to design and instruct successful programs from his experience in various senior management positions outside of martial arts including a 12 year career in Banking.  He also believes in contributing to his community and has served as a volunteer director on several non-profit boards, including Chairman of the World Martial Arts Games Committee (WMAGC) , President of the Canadian National Martial Arts Association (CNMAA) , Vice President of Sport for All Canada, Past President of Crime Stoppers, and Past Vice Chairman of the Victoria Heritage Foundation.   Since 2005, Ken has served as Head Coach for the Canadian National Martial Arts Team. Ken has also competed on an international level securing 1st Place, Gold Medal, World Champion in Black Belt Empty Hand Forms and 1st Place, Gold Medal, World Champion in Black Belt Bladed Weapons Forms at the World Martial Games VI (Rosenheim, Germany) in 2005.   He has been the recipient of several awards including a Community Service Award from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and was recently appointed Commissioner for TAFISA an International Olympic Committee Recognized Multi-Sport Organization.

Ken is a frequent guest speaker at events and public schools and has made numerous appearances on radio, international news and television, including recent appearances on the Health & Wellness TV Show which aired on ABC, NBC, CBS & FOX affiliates, Senior Living on Location (Episode 2) and the Shaw Daily (Verbal Judo segment) . When not immersed in other activities, he enjoys writing. His written articles have appeared in newspapers and magazines throughout the world.  Ken recently co-authored “The Secret to Winning Big” with Brian Tracy which made 5 Amazon Best-Seller lists and sold out of Hardcover the very first day.  He is the author of the up and coming book  Little Warriors: The Book of One and is also in the process of writing a Parenting Book with well-known child development specialist and parenting expert Dr. Allison Rees.