Little Warriors

The Little Warriors® Project is a global initiative to improve the skill, lifestyle and overall wellbeing of children throughout the world.   The Project has the following components:


Little Warriors® Martial Arts Program

Created by world renowned martial artist Kenneth E. Marchtaler, the Little Warriors Martial Arts Program helps develop important life skills in children from the ages of 3 to 5 years old.   The program offers martial arts’ school owners a superior branding that will help them promote exceptional moral, social and physical development.  It has an international aspect found in no other program like it.  It can be adapted to any current martial arts curriculum or style.  The Program is targeted for release in 2017.

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MassieLittle Warriors: The Book of One (Children’s Book)

Kenneth E. Marchtaler’s enlightening tale of an imaginary world plagued by eroding moral and social values,and the children that will help shape its future.  Marchtaler has already optioned the movie rights.  The Book is targeted for release in 2017. Watch this website for exciting updates!

Little Warriors the Movie (Animated Film)

Starline Films, LLC has secured the rights to produce the animated theatrical version of Kenneth E. Marchtaler’s book Little Warriors: The Book of One.  The film is currently in the Development stage with a target release 2020.

LorenzoLittle Warriors Foundation

The Little Warriors Foundation was established by Little Warriors Program creator Kenneth E. Marchtaler in honor of a former student Lorenzo Hutchison, who lost a courageous battle to cancer at the age of 8.  Although Lorenzo has left this world his fighting spirit lives on through the Little Warriors Character – Lorenzo of Ruma.

The goal of the Little Warriors Foundation is to help young children everywhere, overcome obstacles that may challenge their ability to develop to their potential or live longer lives.  The Foundation is funded by each component of the Little Warriors Project as well as from the generous donations of individuals and organizations throughout the world.

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